Sunday, March 28, 2010

DIY Play Kitchen from a Nightstand

Please, disregard the terrible lighting my kitchen gets at night!

Way back in January I saw a post from Homemade by Jill about play kitchens made from nightstands. I'd seen a few in flickr groups, but was inspired to finally make one myself.

My first trip out, I was lucky enough to find a lovely little nightstand for $6.99! I thought it could be so cute painted up that it hurt a little to disassemble the drawers and cut holes it the top. I took the top drawer apart, just keeping the front. My husband cut a hole in the front and I put some vinyl, a couple hinges, and a handle on. Inside, I set down a wire cooling rack-voila! oven!

I put a spring rod in place of the bottom drawer with some fabric. I wanted to be able to switch it up. On the right side I put a little chalkboard paint, and some hooks on the left.

I still need a few things to finish it off-like a faucet, and some more paint detail on the chalkboard side, a few pot holders and aprons for the other side, etc. Mainly, it is finished though, and I love it!

All in all, I spent about $10 on the kitchen (not including the voile on the little door...)


  1. that is cute as heck!! great job!

  2. It will be really pretty!
    have you seen this post: might help you :)

    I did one too. With an old TV cabinet, takes more time but I couldn't find a nightstand I like at a reasonable price...

  3. It's fantastic! That's about the best little kitchen I've seen

  4. Oh my goodness!!! This is incredible! So beautiful, creative and WAYYYYY better than something store bought!



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