Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day-Gold Coin Cookies

I have a great recipe to share with you guys! It's no bake-something I normally don't do...Generally no bake desserts seem just that-no bake, sorta just halfway there to me.

These are reminiscent of gold coins found in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, Leprechaun's gold, so...a great St. Patty's Day recipe!

1 box of Ritz crackers
1 jar of peanut butter
1 bag of butterscotch chips

Spread the peanut butter between two crackers, making a sandwich. You'll get about 14 finished sandwiches out of the bag of chips you use, so if you want to cover more cookies than that, buy two bags!

I recommend refrigerating the peanut butter sandwiches before you do this next step-an hour is good. You just want to firm up that peanut butter so they don't slide everywhere when you put them into the hot butterscotch.

Dump the chips into a glass bowl, and set up a double boiler to melt the chips. (You can do this step in the microwave but make sure to stir every 20 SECONDS! It is very easy to over cook the candy)

Drop the cookies in, cover them in the candy, and shake off the excess. Place them on waxed paper or a silpat to set up.

I like to keep these in the fridge, but they don't last too long around here.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

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  1. We love un-baking ideas for parents and teachers. And, we especially love this cookie recipe, so we shared it on our site!

    all the best,
    Sherry + Wendy @ Kiboomu



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