Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diapers for Allegra

First, I'd like to introduce you to Allegra. This is my daughter's most prized possession. It was a gift from my sister; a hand-me down actually. My sister never really played with her and my daughter fell in love with the colorfulness of the doll. Little does she know this doll is actually from a tv show 15 years before her time.

I've tried to get my hands on a copy of Allegra's Window for Aeris. I've found it in VHS form but we don't have a VCR so I wouldn't be able to play it. Does anyone have connections to an Allegra DVD? I'd be forever grateful!

While chillin with Allegra in the living room the other day, Aeris had a major meltdown. Apparently, Allegra needed a new diaper (and a bath because dolls not being able to eat pudding is a tough concept). Like, real bad. But there was an even bigger problem. Mommy was busy. Like, real busy.

Aeris was not happy with substituting her own diapers any more. Neither was Mommy for that matter...


I'd like to thank Prudent Baby for this life saving tutorial. This diaper took me about 15 minutes and made the whole house happy...for about 15 minutes. eh. Such is life with a two year old. We're now back to arguing as to whether Allegra can wear Aeris's diapers or not...but at least now I have an alternative!

Now I just have to steal her over night and bathe her...

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