Monday, October 25, 2010

Polka Dot Barrette Tutorial

I love the Oliver and S Bubble Dress. I bought the pattern at the end of the spring and made this lovely dress for Aeris sometime in the summer. The style is so versatile from season to season and can pair up with tights, leggings, sweaters, t-shirts, etc. Making it in such a neutral print, it can carry from season to season very well.

Since it is Halloween time, black and white is a pretty popular color combination so I decided she needed just a bit of orange to complete her look. Since I'm way short on time, I needed a 5 minute project to get in and out of. It actually would take less than 5 minutes if you didn't have kids at your feet...

Just follow the directions on the back of the covered button package. I then sewed it to a hair pin and voila! I love the simplicity of the orange circle in her hair. It compliments the polka dot pattern in the dress perfectly.

And to those of you wondering, Sweet Tooth Sundays will resume. The series will be every other week, at least for now while I'm Renegade sewing.

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