Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coffee Date Dress with Bow and Flounce Detail with Tutorial

Have we made it to a second date? I must warn you, this will probably be our last "date" together. While its been fun, I've really got to move on. There are so many other patterns out there!

Once again, I used the Coffee Date Pattern for this dress. As I mentioned before, the pattern is fairly easy, even for a beginner, and offers room for lots of modifications.

I added a big bow to the front and made two flounces for the tails of the bow. I was largely inspired for the bow by a blouse worn by Emma Pillsbury in the first season of Glee. I can't remember the specific episode where the top is from, but I think that the bow had a flounce detail to it...

I got this fabulous plaid on my visit to Minnesota this summer. I had no idea what it's end result would be, just that I loved it. The fabric had a nice hand and was very heavy. It would have been nice just to trim off and use as a blanket...probably best suited for a jacket.

Since it was at an outlet, I got a nice price of about $9 for the yard of it! I should have given a bit more thought to it and bought more than a yard so I could match up the plaid better, but I was young and stupid then. The side seams are slightly off..but I'm over it now. It really bothered me when I was cut the dress...

This dress is pretty fun to wear, and I think could work as a work dress. Or just pair it with your gold toms and funky sweater to go to the grocery store in...you know....

download the pattern from Burda for the Coffee Date Dress
I followed the steps provided except I widened the skirt, leaving the waist as is, and added a sash when sewing the bodice to the skirt.

Once you complete the dress, follow these steps to make the bow with flounce:

1. Cut a square measured at 8"x8".

2. With right sides together, sew the top closed with 1/8" seams.

3. Reposition the seam to the center of the rectangle and press.

4. Sew the ends closed with 1/8" seams, leaving a small opening to turn the bow right side out.

5. Blind stitch the opening closed.

6. Cut a rectangle measured at 2" x 6".

7. With right sides together, sew the top closed with 1/8" seams.

8. Turn right side out and position the seam to the center back. Press.

9. Wrap the strip around the center of the bow and stitch to secure it.

10. Cut two circles with a 7" diameter. Remove a circle with a 2.5" diameter from the center. Finish the edges of the circles with a serger, or cut two circles for each flounce, add a seam allowance and sew with right sides together. Turn out and press well.

11. Position each flounce down the center of the bodice to your desired length and stitch into place.

12. Sew the bow to the top of the bodice.

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  1. Wow! I liked very much, thank you!

  2. Let me guess...
    SR Harris Fabric Warehouse?
    (As a Minnesota seamstress, I've made that pilgrimage a couple of times.)
    They're amazing. Looks like I should make a trip up there sometime soon so I can take a crack at the Coffee Date Dress!

  3. I love it! The bow is adorable and the plaid is fun. Looks great with the cardigan too!

  4. this is so cute!! i wish i was a better sewer and could do this :)



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