Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scrap Fabric Layered Ruffle Skirt Tutorial

I love this skirt.  It reminds me of chocolate raspberry mochas on fall afternoons-warm and sweet, chocolate and coffee, perfection.

I'm trying to work through my stash.  I've got so much fabric on the shelves, some I don't even want to cut into...because it will be gone.  Then it just never gets really makes no sense.  Are you guys like that?

This project was perfect for the stasher/hoarder!  It uses alot of different fabrics (giving you brownie points to purchase more fabric) but uses so little, that you feel like you really didn't use it at all!

Here's how to make your own:

1.  The base of this skirt is a simple rectangle skirt.  Mine is measured at 15" x 32". Cut 2 rectangles at this measurement.  You can measure a skirt of your child's that fits for a guide.  (I chose to use a patterned fabric for the top of my skirt, and a solid color for under the ruffles.  So, I pieced my fabrics to come up with this entire rectangle)
2.  For my ruffles I used six different fabrics.  To determine the width of each ruffle, you're going to need to do some easy math.  I decided that the finished length of the skirt was going to be 12".  I wanted to drop the ruffles a bit so they didn't start on her hips.  I measured 5.5" down before beginning, so you'll want to decide where you'd like them to begin on your on child.  The left over dimension is what you'll be using for your ruffles so (12"-5.5"=7.5")  Then take that measurement and divide it by the number of fabrics you're using (7.5"/6=1.25")  Add an inch to this measurement for the hem of the ruffle and a bit of overlap when you layer them so my total ruffle width was (1.25+1=2.25")  For the length i just doubled the length of my overall skirt so 16"x2=64", give or take.  So a ruffle for a skirt for a 2t/3t is 2.25"x64".  Cut six strips of fabric to these dimensions.
3.  Sew the base of the skirt by placing the rectangles right sides together, and sewing the edge with 1/4" seam allowance.  Press it open.
4.  Hem the bottom to your desired length.

5.  Use a chalk pencil or a marking pen to draw guide lines for the ruffles you are about to create.  I placed mine about 1.25" apart, but you may need to play around with the spacing depending on how many fabrics you chose.
6.  I chose to hem the bottom of my ruffle with 1/4" hem, and then serge the top.
7.  Baste the top of each ruffle and then pull the threads to gather them, creating the ruffle. 
8.  Beginning at the bottom, pin and sew one ruffle at a time, making sure to stay on the lines you created in step 5.

9.  After you have sewed on each ruffle, I choose to sew ribbon on the top to cover the top edge of the ruffle.  You can do this, or sew the ruffle on with the seam folded and hidden.
10.  Once all of the ruffles have been sewn, fold the skirt right sides together, carefully pinning the top of each ruffle matching them in place.  Sew this edge with 1/4" seam allowance.
11.  Fold the top of the skirt down 1" to create a pocket for your elastic.
12.  Sew around the perimeter of this loop, leaving an opening to feed the elastic through.  Measure your child's tummy and then cut the elastic.  After feeding it through the skirt, I usually overlap my elastic a good amount, about a half inch or sew, and secure it with a zig zag stitch.
13.  Sew the elastic pocket closed and that's it!


  1. I LOVE this!! I am totally like that about fabric. My stash is out of control, but what am I waiting for? Lovely pictures too!!

  2. I'm bookmarking this for later! So cute. I love it.

  3. great tutorial ! I love raffles, i just made a flamenco dress for my girl for haloween :), and I really love this little mini :).Thak you for sharing

  4. what a beautiful skirt! Thanks so much for this tutorial..I've pinned it for later reference :D

  5. really cute!!! i think my lil girl might need one when she gets a bit bigger!

  6. REALLY cute! And I totally have the same thing about not wanting to cut into fabric because it's cute and do I really want to use it for this??? Then it sits unused for YEARS!

    Found you through UCreate, by the way. :)

  7. This is adorable!!! And, what a great tutorial. I've pinned this and can't wait to make it!

    Found you through U-Create


  8. Found your blog on U-Create. I love this skirt and can't wait to make one for my red head. I will be adding your adorable blog to my reader account. Hope you are having a good week!

  9. This is such a good tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing. Making it today for my daughter due in March!

  10. Looks adorable. I have a question about your measurements. The skirt base is 32" wide and the ruffle strips are 32" long...doesn't seem like the strips are long enough to allow for any ruffle. Or am I missing something??

    1. Actually, I think she meant to double the length of the ruffles (if your skirt width is 32, make the ruffle 64 inches long), this would allow for gathering. Her math is off just a little, but generally the tutorial makes sense. Happy sewing...found some cute fabric I had bought 20 plus years ago for my dear daughter, going to make a skirt like this for her dear daughter (hopefully this weekend)!

  11. That is the most adorable skirt I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow. What an adorable skirt, and an adorable little girl!!

  13. I absolutely LOVE this ruffle skirt! I wish I could make a ton of them for my girls but alas...I cannot sew nor do I like to. Hoping to find someone that knows how to sew for me:)

  14. I love this skirt. I've pinned it for when my sewing skills are a little better. Thanks!!

  15. I love the little scrap tutu!! Outstanding! I can't wait to try it out and I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out!! Your daughter makes a beautiful little model!! :)

  16. Love this & love your site... I found u via pinterest!

  17. I love this ruffle skirt. I can't wait to make it for my 2 granddaughters.

  18. So nice I love the colours what u used for skirt, I tried it,. Thanks

  19. Love this skirt! My 4yr will love it! PS. to all those hoarders out there...I found a sure fire way of getting around my fabric hoarding addiction. (When hubby starting complaining that I was moving his tools out of the garage to fit my fabric that wouldn't fit in my craft room anymore - i realised i had a problem). Cut and keep a 25cm by 25cm (or smaller) piece for yourself. I have a drawer full of them now instead of a room full, and my daughter has a closet full of gorgeous outfits. use it. don't use. it doesn't work for everyone. :-)



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