Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mini Boden Inspired Knit Applique T-Shirt

Have you seen the Spring issue of Mini Boden?  It's filled with stylish, comfy spring clothes and I'm absolutely in love.  I'm not in love with a $30 shirt for my kid to kick around the back yard in.

I used this catalog as some inspiration for this shirt for Ephraim.  They have a lot of ideas for knit appliques (which is a great way to re-use those old shirts that the kids have outgrown since last spring).  E was really drawn to the headphones so I did my best to replicate it with what I had lying around.

I used an old t-shirt I had that still fit him for the base.  Ours had a pocket on it so that had to be removed first.  Then I just cut and layered my design.  I pinned it into place and chose a kelly green thread to contrast the fabrics and used a stretch stitch to outline the entire thing.  It's pretty easy and a fun project to work with.  I'm a fan.



So is he.  SCORE!  

Free beats $30 any day!



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  1. Just found you on Somewhat Simple's Link party...LOVE the shirt!!! And I am a fan of Mini Boden too! I did a post about a shirt I re-created for my little guy back in January! Here is the link......
    LOVE RE-CREATING!!!!! They have the best designs dont they? I love the headphones and the colors you chose!!
    Have a great day!

  2. Great idea! I love Mini Boden but have to resist the desire to buy $30 tee shirts. Yours looks fantastic!

  3. Nice work! I can't stop thinking about mini boden! PS when did your son get so big?



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