Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt with Printable List!

It almost feels like summer vacation these days!  I've been trying to find fun activities for both kids to do so we could get outside and enjoy this 80degree March weather!

Ephraim got a camera for his birthday, so I thought it would be fun to send the kids on a little photo scavenger hunt.  I typed up a quick list while the kids were napping, and put little boxes next to each one or Aeris to check off.  Before I sent them out the door, Ephraim and I read through the list of items (a sneaky way to get him to practice reading!) to make sure they knew what they were looking for.


The kids had a lot of fun running around the back yard looking for items, and discovering other things along the way.  I realized that it only took them about ten minutes to find everything on the list, but they kept running around looking at the backyard in a completely different way.

Ephraim and Aeris started to notice the little details in things they would normally just run past.  I definately recommend giving this game a try.  For those who aren't reading yet, a picture chart would work out just fine.  I'm sure Aeris could take the pictures and use a picture chart if she were out there without Ephraim.


Click HERE to download your own printable photo scavenger hunt!

Some of the items on the list:
1.  Something green
2.  Something that begins with the letter "T"
3.  Something round
4.  A cloud that looks like an animal
5.  A pinecone
6.  Something old
7.  A boy
8.  A girl
9.  A silly face

What other fun ideas do you guys do for outside play?  I'd love to hear your suggestions!

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  1. I do something similar with my guides where they find the items and bring them back and then we play Kims game with them where you hide the object under a cloth and they have to remember them all, then take one and they have to work out which one.

    They also love treasure hunts (eg for plastic eggs)



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