Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tufted Cloud Tutorial

For a couple years now, I have been wanting to make Aeris some clouds for her room.  There are many sewn and stuffed versions with hanging raindrops and I almost went that route.  Maybe the idea stemmed from looking at bedroom ideas with luxurious, tufted headboards, but I decided that was the way to go with these clouds.

The construction was pretty straight forward.  I cut up a box that I had in the recycling and drew two cloud shapes on.  I cut some quilt batting the same size as the cloud template a felt cloud a couple of inches bigger.  After making one, I decided to add some stuffing behind the batting to make it a bit more full.  The only really important part is to remember to clip the curves of the clouds so that they bend nicely around the board.  

I attached the felt to the board with hot glue, pulling from opposite directions.  (This method is similar to one you would use when wrapping a canvas or upholstering a chair cushion.)   After you make the clouds, you can tuft them!  I used two cuts of embroidery thread, so a total of 12 individual strands.  I use a large yarn needle and went through the back twice, tying a knot on the front side.  And that's it!

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  1. i love that! this is a great idea, and so sweet and cute. i love anything with clouds.



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