Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5k Fun!

I mentioned here and here, that my first 5k was this weekend, and you guys, it was totally fun.  It sounds so weird to hear myself say such things, like who is this person??

I'm used to solo runs, so running with 5,000 people was quite an experience!  I ran a bit faster than normal, but I'm still a slow poke.  I ran at a pace of 10:18 so 30:54... But my only goal was to run the entire thing, and I did.  I'm sure I could have even done better, but I was very polite about slower people in front of me and just slowed down.  By the second mile I understood to keep to the edge since most of the slow people were in the middle, but sometimes someone would just dead stop to a walk right in front of me!  I understand the need to walk, but it was all new to me on how to deal with that and keep running.  

I'm definitely looking forward to my next race!

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