Monday, November 7, 2011

an amazing use of jelly bellies!

When I was younger, I used to be way into music.  We all hung out in a local cd store, discovering new tunes, discovering ourselves.  I've since grown out of those days, but in nostalgic times find myself yearning for that something new for my ears.

I don't have time to spend sourcing new artists these days, but the internet is amazing for sharing.  The internet is also amazing for creating artists and helping them reach their fan base.  Take Kina Grannis for instance.  Total "you-tube sensation."  She earned her greatest claim to fame during that Doritos Super Bowl challenge a few years ago.   She's not anything really special.  Not blow your mind what is this?? kind of music, but she's got a great voice, and is really happy behind that guitar.  So, I dig her...

Anyhow, this post is not about any of that...I really just wanted to share this amazing video with you!  

I'm a fan of Kina Grannis and was checking out her youtube page one day to see what new covers she's posted lately, and saw her new video.  It is really a work of art.  They say that video killed the radio star, but video opened up a whole new realm to be explored.  This video took nearly two years to make; no green screen was used.  It's a pretty brilliant use of Jelly Bellies!

Make sure you watch this behind the scenes footage, as well.  

Are you guys music buffs?  Would you be interested in more music related posts around here?


  1. I just saw this video few days ago :) I love it, such a work of art,and song is super sweet, great for teens :)

  2. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, would love to see more music/crafty related postings. It is amazing what dedication and a creative mind can produce.



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