Friday, November 11, 2011

Silk Shirt Refashion with Tie Collar

Do you remember this post?  I finally got around to redoing the blouse.  

Once I started, it was pretty simple.  It only took me about 30minutes from start to finish.  Not bad for a $3 shirt!  I was pretty fearless since I've had the shirt hanging around for so long...and being so cheap.  

First, I removed the sleeves.  Then I put the shirt on the dress form to get an idea of where I wanted to cut the opening at.  I drew right on the shirt and cut it.  I reused the fabric from the sleeves to make bias tape to finish the edge of that opening I cut.  For the sleeves, I just used my serger and then turned the ends under.  Then I took some elastic to sew underneath so that they would be a bit poofy.   Using some more of the sleeves, I just made a long tube and sewed the ends onto the collar to make the bow.  Pretty easy, right? 

Refashioning is fun since there are no rules.  Just have a vision and attempt execution.  If it doesn't really work out, that's fine too, because you've learned something along the way!


  1. Amazing refashion, time to get out my machine and attack all the thrift shirts that have been "not quite right " =)

  2. This is excellent and very smart. We will be featuring your tutorial very soon.



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